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The Capitol School

Alabama's International School

2828 6th Street
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401
Phone: 205-758-2828

What Parents Say...

My daughter is five, and is about to complete the preschool program. For the past two and a half years, her teachers have worked along side her to prepare her for kindergarten. In order to inspire my child to learn, they have taken a personal interest in discovering who she is, her talents and intelligence level. My daughter adores school and her teachers. My child will complete this program in May and takes with her the abilities to read, write, communicate, play well with others, and most importantly-confidence in herself. I cannot say enough about the dedication of the teachers in this program. They have personally invested in her future, and we are blessed that she has been able to attend the Capitol School.   
I could write a book about all the wonderful experiences our family has had at The Capitol School. There are just too many to list for a brief description. All in all, I would like to say that we are so thankful to be a part of such an amazing environment. Staff, parents and the students all relate so well together. We celebrate in times of accomplishment and pull together when anyone is experiencing any sort of hardship. Academically, the children excel in an environment that encourages all the beauty and potential of the individual. We cry together, laugh together, celebrate, grow and learn together. My mantra, "This isn't a school..it's a family."
While our son transferred to the Capitol School from what is considered by many to be one of the best school districts in the U.S. (Chapel Hill, NC), his educational experience at the Capitol School has far surpassed his educational experience at his previous school. At the Capitol school, we have found that the individualized lesson plans, the continuous evaluation of student progress through testing, and high expectations are providing our son, and students of all abilities, with an environment in which to excel. Our son is currently studying a range of subjects, from mathematics to music, from reading and writing to drama, and from multiple languages to science. At the Capitol School, the talents of each student are recognized and nurtured. We know that the small class sizes and individual attention our son is receiving at the Capitol school are preparing him to succeed in the larger world.
My husband and I were speaking at the PTA International Dinner how well you bring your families together to celebrate cultural awareness, and how fortunate we are that our daughter is at such a great school. It was fun to see the children perform and to share a good meal with some parents we have met at the Capitol School.
I was able to attend a Gymnastics class at Tumbling Tides this week. What a wonderful job these expert teachers do and the kids had a blast !!! I saw lots of exercise and energy and I was tired just watching them. I thank their teacher for her efforts to make this such a positive reinforcement and for taking time to explain to the kids how important this is for them. I was not surprised -- this is the Capitol School.
Since sending our daughter to The Capitol School, I have touted to anyone who will listen that multi-year clusters is a real advantage. I have always believed I would have achieved more by not being among the youngest year to year in school. This not only helps learning, but has a positive affect on maturing. My belief was also recently validated when reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Not a book on education, but a book on the factors that go into who a person is and the likelihood of their success. Malcolm postulates that if a person has a high enough IQ to function in society, other factors prove to have a more profound impact on a persons success or failure. In his first few chapters he uses Canadian hockey as an example. If you view the professional rosters, the bulk of the players by far are born in the 1st quarter of the year. He then spends time detailing the why, which comes down to the very essence of what multi-age clustering resolves. Keep up the good work!
My sons are enjoying Summer Explorations by taking French around the World, and my younger son is in Super Science. They are attending different sessions most of the summer because I work at the University. I cannot tell you how much they look forward to coming to The Capitol School every day, and that is a tremendous help to me as a working parent, knowing that my children are making productive use of their summer break and that they are happy and learning!
I want you to know that The Capitol School has been a very important, supportive and nurturing place for both my teenagers. We are so pleased to have been a part of the school for these years, it is a remarkable institution. Thank you and the faculty for all you have done for me and my family.
I just got off the phone turning down the offer of professor from another university. It was likely one of the toughest 3-4 decisions I have made in my lifetime. After our visit there last week, we had basically decided that it was best to move. I definitely wanted to join the faculty from a job standpoint. It was helpful to visit and talk with schools there. The area is extremely nice with excellent schools. But my home here is also nice and our son's private school is very exceptional. The folks at the public and private schools in the university town mentioned to me how impressive this school here was after seeing its website at www.thecapitolschool.com.
Our daughter had such a great foundation at the Capitol School, thanks to your wonderful faculty, that we are confident that she will also do well at ASMS. She is taking American History, Conversational Spanish, Algebra II, Biology, Chemistry and Tennis. She said her classes are interesting, but she misses taking German and hopes that she can take it next term. Let her Spanish teacher know that she placed in the highest Spanish class. Please send our best regards your amazing faculty.
The Capitol School values the family and tradition. Parents are made to feel welcome and a part of every decision affecting their children. We love the "flexible schedule" so we can decide when our children come to school and it fits our work schedule, too. Every year there is a Thanksgiving dinner with all of the families coming together and an International Dinner, in which families share the foods and diversities of their cultures. In all, the Capitol School provides an enriching, rewarding and challenging program for children from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. The sacrifice of paying tuition is worth every penny to ensure that your child receives a more than well-rounded education that offers endless opportunities for individual growth.
I never dreamed in a thousand years I would hear my son say he wants to go to school every day. He is not going anywhere but Capitol School for the rest of his high school years. its really been good for him. He is such an outdoor type person that I really wasn't sure it would work out. God sent us to Capitol School, I'm convinced!
I want you to know that The Capitol School has been a very important, supportive and nurturing place for both my teenagers. We are so pleased to have been a part of the school for these years, it is a remarkable institution. Thank you and the faculty for all you have done for me and my family.
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