Calendar 2022-23

Calendar 2022-2023

As an international school, we have many parent requests for longer holidays so families can travel. Our calendar has fewer isolated holidays and more long weekends. We do not schedule half-day closings unless it is a weather emergency or for upper school exams. There are two 4-day weekends on Sept. 2 - 5 and Feb. 17 - 20. While you may choose to be absent on Veterans Day, Friday, Nov 11, our classes are in session as we plan special events and speakers to honor our U.S. veterans. Parents may also choose which religious holidays their children observe. Please send a note or email to inform your child’s teacher of upcoming holidays when your child will not attend school or will have needs during school such as specific times for prayer or fasting. During traditional school holidays, we offer “Break Camp” at $40 per day during most breaks and holidays to help working parents. Parent conferences will be held on Aug. 9-10, Oct. 20-21, and March 9-10. Note that school will be closed for conferences with “Break Camp” in the Library or other buildings. In addition, parents may request a conference with faculty at anytime.

2022-23 Nursery Calendar