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The Capitol School

Alabama's International School

2828 6th Street
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401
Phone: 205-758-2828


starDo you think The Capitol School would be a great fit for your child(ren)? Please let us know! You can call (205) 758-2828 to set up an appointment to visit the school and talk with our teachers. We'll want to know the ages of your children, so that we can make sure you come at a great time to see the classroom your child would be placed in, and meet their new teachers. We have open admission all year long, to accommodate children whose families are moving, or whose current school just isn't working out for them.

starHave you already decided? Print out the admission checklist to make sure you don't miss a step in bringing your child to be a part of The Capitol School family.

starWe've collected all of the forms that you'll need to fill out and bring or send to The Capitol School in preparation for your child joining us. Just click here, and print out the forms that pertain to your child's age when they'll be attending our school.

starAre you curious about what supplies your child will need to attend The Capitol School? In general, we provide all of the traditional school supplies. For each cluster, though, there are a few things that your child will need to have at school. Click here to see what they'll need to bring to make them a successful member of their cluster.