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In the News

2017 Spelling Bee Winners

Noor Bakr, 2nd place winner; Hendrix Bailey, 1st place winner; Ty Lewis, 3rd place winner

We would like to congratulate the winners of the 2017 Capitol School Spelling Bee.

First Place: Hendrix Bailey, Lavender Cluster
Second Place: Noor Bakr, Lavender Cluster
Third Place: Ty Lewis, Upper School

Two Athletes To Continue To State Competition

Jackson Boyd and Melanie Mew stand with their coaches.

Jackson Boyd, 10th grade, and Melanie Mew, 12th grade, will both be continuing to the State Cross Country Competition this season. This is the first time in Capitol School history that athletes have made it to a state competition. Congratulations, Jackson and Melanie!

2016 International Festival a Raging Success

Parents browse art in the park.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Families gathered in Capitol Park on April 26th to celebrate the wide diversity of our Capitol School family. The weather was warm, and the air was full of excitement as students and their families visited the tables of countries represented by our students. Our art department also displayed the children's art on the Capitol ruins, and parents enjoyed perusing the impromptu art gallery.

During the festival, our girl's volleyball team took advantage of the gathering to sell hamburgers, hot dogs, salads and nachos to help raise money for their summer team volleyball camp at the University of Alabama. The team raised over $1,000 to help pay for our girls' camp tuition.

Thank you all for making our festival, art show and picnic the best it could be!

The Capitol School Owls Soccer Team Plays First Winning Game

The Owls Soccer Team after their first win.

March 21, 2016

On a cold Monday night, The Capitol School Owls co-ed soccer team played two games at the Holt High School soccer fields. The Owls won their first game against Northside High School 3-2. After their first win, they didn't let the cold or their subsequent loss that night to Holt High School get them down. The next day, at Central High School, they pulled out another win against Central's soccer team.

If you see an Owl Soccer Team member, give them a pat on the back for their wonderful foot work on the field! Go Owls!

2014 Volleyball Seniors Honored

2014 Volleyball Seniors holding flowers and volleyballs signed by teammates.

Coach Gigi Eyre (right) and Dr. Monica Rogers (left) recognize senior volleyball players Raen'Na Newton and Ann Hill at American Christian Academy's Senior Night volleyball match. We will miss them dearly!

Girls' Volleyball Team Earns First Win Against Holy Spirit JV

Girls' Volleyball Team 2014

The Girls' Volleyball Team pulled off their first win on October 7th against Holy Spirit's JV team. The teams were well-matched, and the score was close in the second set, but our girls worked hard and earned the win! If you see a Volleyball team member this week, congratulate them with a "Hoot, Hoot, Go Owls!"

The Capitol School's Upper School Students Bring Home 11 Awards at State German Day Competition

Capitol School Students show off their awards for the 2014 German Day Competition

March 7, 2014

The University of Alabama hosted the 19th annual "German Day" competition on March 7, 2014. "German Day" is sponsored by the German Program of the Department of Modern Languages and Classics of the College of Arts and Sciences. The theme this year was "Berühmte Persönlichkeiten". The competitions focused on famous German people, famous people of German decent, or those coming from a German speaking country other than Germany, mostly Austria and Switzerland.

About 350 high school students from numerous high schools from the whole state of Alabama participated in the day-long event with a variety of oral, written and visual art competitions. Students recited German poems, sang German songs from memory, gave technology presentations in German, demonstrated their written skills in dictation, reading comprehension, recited poetry, and applied their German skills in creative visual art projects.

While most of the German Day participants were high school students, the Capitol School was one of the few schools that allowed middle school students to participate. The Capitol School has offered German to all of its students (ages 2.5 - 18) for 20 years. Students are also required to take Spanish in middle and high school. Many of the students have also taken an option third language, Chinese. Students graduating in 2013 from The Capitol School has also earned college credit for Spanish 101 & 102 and Chinese 101 & 102.

Capitol School's German teachers are Nicole Feige, Sabine Nad, Sarah Riches and Heike Schad.

Awards for students of the Capitol School

1st place Video Competition Level 1 (make a video in German showing a fictional story
of students meeting a famous German)
1st place Poster Collage Competition Level 1
(showing the life of a famous German artist)
2nd place Children's Book Level 1 (making a children's book for German children age 4-6 about a famous German)
2nd place T-Shirt design Level 2 (Providing a slogan in German that encourages kids to learn German with the background of a famous German)
2nd place German Group Song Level 2 (singing a song in German, lyrics must be memorized)
3rd place Dual Show and Tell Level 1 (make a Dialog with two people talking about
famous German people)
3rd place Original Poster Competition Level 1 (showing the life of a famous German)
3rd place T-Shirt Design Level 1 (provide in German a reason to learn German with the background picture of a famous German)
3rd place Scrapbook
3rd place Group Poetry Level 2 (recite a German poetry from memory)
3rd place T-Shirt Design Level 3 (include a Jingle giving a reason to learn German with
the background picture of a famous German)

The students competing were: Alford, Ryan - Amelia Gantt - Crawford, Fiona - Davis, Alex - Fording, Josh - Gilliland, Krista - Gray, Bert - Harris, Patrick - Hill, Lawson - Hyslop, Austin - Johnson, Malone - Kirpatrick, Laif - Lorelle Moore - Field, Macy - Meyer, Matthew - Whitehead, Cornelius - Williamson, Jonathan - Steele, Jordan - Copeland, Mitchelle - Dreading, Graham - Evans-Young, Ariana - Nasrat, Sophia - Smith, Adam - Hill, Ann - Huryn, Eugene - Nad, Pascal - Riches, Michael.