Amundson Cluster Curriculum

General overview of daily schedule and teaching philosophy.

Reading Instruction

Individualized reading conferences are set up with each child daily. Each student has a reading log that is filled out every time we read together. The reading log includes the book title, how many pages were read, and any comments necessary.

Writing Instruction

We complete a journal entry everyday from the board. Students are required to write the date, title, and prompt.

Handwriting Instruction

The Amundson Cluster uses the handwriting program Handwriting Without Tears.


Math Standards

​Science Curriculum

Amundson/Richey Science Curriculum 2017-2018


  • Living and non-living components

  • Roles of organisms

  • Exploring Alabama environments

Unity and Diversity

  • Fossils

  • Characteristics that help plants and animals survive

  • Models of habitats

  • Engineered solutions to problems created by environmental change

Molecules and to Organisms

  • Inherited traits, plants and animals

  • How traits are influenced by environment

Motion and Stability

  • Forces on motion of an object, graphs

  • Investigate, measure, communicate how patterns of motion predicts future motion

  • Explore cause/effect

  • Use magnets in engineering design project

Earth’s Systems

  • Use graphs, tables and maps to describe weather conditions

  • Describe climates of different regions

​Earth and Human Interactions

  • Evaluate a design solution addressing a weather-related hazard Describe

Social Studies Curriculum

Amundson/Richey Cluster Social Studies Curriculum
(two-year rotation)

The broad concepts of living and working together in state, nation, geographic and historical studies – people, places, and regions will be included in both years of the rotation. Topics include:
2017-2018 (Year One)

  • Segments of time

  • Types of maps

  • Technology in mapping

  • Map skills

  • Legends, stories, songs of U.S. cultural history

  • Energy resources

  • Preparing for natural disasters – safety

  • Reasons for settling 13 colonies

  • Declaration of Independence, Constitution

  • Founding Fathers, Historical Females

  • Washington D.C.

  • Production and distribution in Alabama

  • Supply and demand, trading

  • Major world resources

2018-2019 (Year Two)

  • Class rules, democratic society

  • Historic figures

  • National holidays

  • American symbols and monuments

  • National parks and state parks

  • Ways people are affected by human and physical environments

  • Human – Environment interaction in Alabama and the world

  • Our 50 states

  • Political parties, voting process

  • Three branches of government

  • Why people immigrate to the U.S.

  • How populations move/change

  • Location of resources/population patterns

  • Machines – past/present

  • Alabama and U.S. role in the Olympics ​

Educating Responsible Citizens

We firmly believe in teaching students necessary life skills daily to help them problem solve. 

Suggested Homework

Read, Read, Read!!

Sample Lessons

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