COVID Procedures and Policies

1. Good Habits

Teachers will continually promote preventive hygiene practices such as hand washing . Students will wash their hands every 30 minutes during the day. This photo shows the 20 second timer for handwashing.

2. Masks

Masks are optional at this time. However, if a high number of cases are reported, students ages 2.5 - 17 will be required to wear masks or face shields in classrooms but not playgrounds or P.E.. Masks & face shields are available in the school office.

3. Class Size

At every class period, students will move from home room with a Lead Teacher outdoors to an Expert Teacher’s class in small groups of 12 or fewer.

4. Cleaning Procedures during the School Day

Teachers will clean frequently during the day to wipe down door handles, computer areas, light switches, toilet handles, table tops, water faucets, games, toys, etc. We use sanitizer made by Left-Hand Soap Company.

5. Cleaning the Playground Equipment

At the end of the school day, the playground equipment is sprayed with disinfectant and allowed to air dry.

6. Drinking fountains

Have been refitted with faucets to fill water bottles. Each student should bring a permanent water bottle labeled with his/her name.

7. Rainbow Air Ozone machines

Have been purchased for each building and are set to run for 1 hour per classroom after school dismissal..

8. NCL Lavender-Quat Disinfectant Germicidal Detergent

Used by our staff which is a very strong and effective disinfectant on all surfaces each night.

9. Daily treatment of classrooms by UV light

During the day with UV wands when students are out of the room. The large Ultra-Violet light is only turned on after 5:30 p.m. They are medical grade and chemical free to kill 99% of bacteria andprovide Ultraviolet sterilization.

10. Medical grade air filters (MERV 13)

Have been installed in all 7 buildings. These filters have been recommended by both OSHA and the CDC.

11. Installation of iWave-R air purifier

Has been installed in A/C system by Premier Electric. It treats air through needlepoint bi-polar ionization. As the air flows past iWave-R, positive & negative ions actively purify the supply air to kill mold, bacteria and viruses in the coil and classrooms which reduces allergens.