Supply List

In general, we provide all of the traditional school supplies for your students. For each cluster, though, there are a few things that your child will need to have at school. Check your child's age cluster below to see what they'll need to bring to make them a successful member of their cluster.​

Preschool (2.5 to 5 years old)

​Preschool children will need to bring their lunch every day, so a lunch box is needed. We provide a snack for the kids each day. The children take a nap every day, so they'll need to bring a nap mat to keep at the school. We also ask that a change of clothes is provided to stay at the school.


​The children in Elementary school and up may participate in our school lunch program (provided by local restaurants), or bring their own lunch. If they will be bringing their own lunch, they'll need to have a lunch box. The students may eat a snack brought from home in the morning if desired. This age group should also bring a change of clothes to remain at the school, just in case. Daily, students should have sports shoes and bring a water bottle for PE. The school will provide a book bag for each student to use to bring his or her reading book to school each day.

Lower and Upper Elementary

​These children are starting to grow up, and to become more responsible. We ask that these 7 - 12 year-old students bring a healthy snack for the morning and the afternoon in an effort to engage them in choosing healthy foods. These children may also bring their own lunch, or participate in our school lunch program which is provided by local restaurants. ​Daily, students should have sports shoes and bring a water bottle for PE.

Middle School and High School

The Upper School students are required to bring a laptop to school. Their assignments are often submitted online, and other computer skills are taught while using their computers as a tool in the classroom. We suggest purchasing an Apple Macbook Air. These computers are very light, and extremely reliable. You may purchase the laptop from the Apple Store online, from Best Buy, or from an Apple storefront. Please let the salesperson know that you are eligible for the Education Discount (Best Buy will not offer the education discount). Apple also sells refurbished units that are just as good as a new one. Check the Apple website for great deals before you purchase. We also suggest that you purchase the three-year Apple Care plan in order to take advantage of Apple's superior Customer Care program. They will answer any questions over the phone, and make quick repairs should any problems arise.

Students who are part of our Collegiate program are responsible for paying their college tuition and for purchasing their college textbooks. 

​Daily, students should have sports shoes and bring a water bottle for PE.