​Teaching and Learning

What does The Capitol School believe about teaching and learning?

  • We believe that each student has multiple intelligences and should have experiences in all of these areas.

  • We believe that children must feel safe to learn.

  • We believe that families must be involved in their child's education.

  • We believe that students need concrete experiences to ensure that teaching and learning are active and engaging.

  • We believe that instruction should be individualized to meet each child's needs.

  • We believe in using various methods to assess a child's progress and use multiple methods to report their progress to parents. These may include progress reports, narratives, checklists, portfolios, and video portfolios.

  • We believe our school building should provide a comfortable, clean, and home-like atmosphere.

  • We believe in utilizing the latest research on best practices in education.

  • We believe that while academically challenged students may not reach the same educational goals of gifted and talented students, that they can benefit from the Multiple Intelligences curriculum while contributing to the learning environment.