Freeman Cluster Curriculum

2020-2021 Curriculum

  • In September, we studied: International Peace Day with a calm day of crafts, affirmations, and selfless acts. We also studied geology, identified what lives on land, swims in the water, and flies in the air as well as identified various land and water formations: island/lake, cape/bay, and straight/isthmus..

  • In October, we studied: space, North America, and Day of the Dead. The children identified the planets, with a focus on earth and then another focus on North America. Our Spanish teacher taught us about the day of the dead with special stories and crafts. ​

  • In November, we studied: European history and culture. Our lantern festival and Thanksgiving celebrations provided wonderful opportunities to learn a bit about Native Americans, Europeans that sailed to America, and how those groups of people lived.

  • In December, we studied: South America, winter celebrations around the world, and learned a few German Christmas songs. The children identified several countries within South America and a couple of Brazilian holiday traditions.

  • In January, we studied: Asia, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and begin to learn about various new year celebrations all around Asia. Children were introduced to a few words in Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean and wrapped up this unit with a Lunar New Year parade and lion dance (pictured below).

  • In February, we will study African animals, biomes, and culture. We will also study past presidents and introduce money in our math area.

  • In March, we will study: signs of spring, life cycles, Australia, and how to tell time.

  • In April, we will study seeds, plant a garden, and study the weather. We hope to enjoy beautiful weather on Earth Day and spend time on our playground weeding, planting, and watering.

  • In May, we will review the continents and do a global unit highlighting the languages, art, biomes, people, and animals which come from across the globe.

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